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Cat Stuck in a Tree? Call an Arborist for Help!

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Cat Stuck in a Tree?

When your cat is stuck in a tree, what can you do to get it down? This is a common question. And arborist Katy Bigelow has answers to help! In fact, she’ll even come help you get your cat out of a tree. That’s because arborists are equipped to safely help your kitty out of a tree canopy. And they can do this without harming your tree in the process.

Arborist perspective on rescuing cats stuck in a tree.

Katy begins…Thanks to arborist Dan Kraus, more than 800 cats have been rescued from trees in the Seattle area. As a result of completing my first cat rescue, Dan generously added me to his directory of arborists who rescue cats. And this is a list of international arborists. So if your cat is stuck in a tree anywhere in the world, this is a great resource for help.

But, if you’re on Bainbridge Island or Kitsap county or in the greater Seattle area, I can probably help you rescue your cat stranded in a tree!

Arborist rescuing a cat stuck in a tree

Photo of Arborist Rescuing Cat Courtesy of Katy Bigelow

Can I call the fire department to rescue Puss from the canopy?

Katy continues…Mnext door neighbor, a long time island fireman, was also excited to learn that arborists rescue cats stranded in treetops. In fact, he mentioned that sometimes the fire department here often doesn’t have the time or resources to get to stuck cats. Also, many cats escape to trees well over a hundred feet tall deep into large properties. And because of access and safety issues, firefighters simply can’t help get cats out of trees like this.

Arborists must put safety first when helping rescue kitties.

Katy tells us… Dan’s best advice to me was: “Don’t let the cats take you to places not safe to climb.” And he’s right! As much as your cat wants to be rescued, there’s the chance it’s in a tree not safe for humans. For instances it might be very close to some power lines. Or it might be on a busy road. So there may be times when you call an arborist to rescue your pussy, and they have to say no.

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