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Gardening with Puppies – Late May P’update

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REDIRECTED 2/24/2022

Kula In the Off Limits Area Considering a Snack from the Honeybees

Kula In the Off Limits Area Considering a Snack from the Honeybees

Well, Kula has discovered some fun, bad-dog pastimes in her garden: eating honeycomb & larvae, smashing shrubs while making out,  breaking & entering, and digging new trenches.

Yep, for such a good girl, she’s got a bad streak in her. Well, maybe it isn’t really being bad. She’s really just doing what dogs do….

As for eating the bee wax…well, Corky cleaned out the bee hives and left the scraped wax on the ground for the bees to forage and recycle. The puppy smelled it, passed into that previously off-limits area and ate a belly full of wax and larvae. And, she paid for it later when it came back out both ends. (Lucky me! I was traveling, so my hubby got to clean that mess up.)

A Smashed Margarite Keeps on Bloomin!

A Smashed Margarite Keeps on Bloomin!

And heck, now that she’d figured out she could get into the beehive area, I’m sure she thought digging a hole for the bees would be a great idea. They do, afterall, love to sip up water from moist soil. What Kula didn’t bargain for was that the bees would converge on her hole while she was digging it, stinging her furiously excavating paws darn good. She came in limping that day, but one antihistamine and a good nap later, and she was rarin’ to go again.

Oh, and those training wheel shrubs I planted a few weeks ago? Well, a few are looking like bloomin’ pink pancakes after Kula decided to sit on them as she stuck her tongue through the fence to make out with her golden lab boyfriend next door. And when he came over to play, well, a few more went splat.

So am I mad? Nah. It’s just what happens in the puppy garden…

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