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Kid Garden Party Ideas

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Need the best Kid garden party ideas? Need some pruning done too? Want to wear out your Border Collie and entertain your adult friends at the same time? Well, look no further than these simple ideas for a party all the young bucks will be braying about for the entire summer. Kid Party games, food & fun

First the games! Put your Border Collie in charge of the entertainment by using her natural instincts to corral all the kids into a corner of the garden that needs some pruning.

Kid pruning and eating Akebia

Goats love to eat Akebia as we found out at our recent garden party with a bunch of kids that were just learning to browse.

Let’m butt heads, kick up their heels, and have fun along the way ’cause when they arrive at (let’s say) a fence over-run with Akebia, it’s snack-time!

Apple the Goat eating Akebia

We couldn’t get Apple to stop eating the Akebia, but that’s okay. It needed pruning.
(The strawberries, which she also wanted to mow, did not need her attention.)

While the kids are chomping away on delicious vines you need cut back, run inside and pour yourself a cocktail. Don’t worry, that Border Collie will keep an eye on things while you’re away. If the dog starts barking, don’t worry too much. It just means she’s telling those kids to stick to the pruning (game) at hand, to leave the strawberries, raspberries, and limes alone. Heck, if she nips a heel, those tough little kids will butt her right back. It’s all fun and games at this Kid’s party!

Goat wearing Raspberry Cane

Apple was our best Akebia pruner. She also had a taste for Raspberry & Tayberry, so this unwanted runner became her winner’s laurels.

Once you’re back, ask the dog which kid did the best pruning job (or just decide which one you can’t tear away from the well-munched vines), and award that cute little Doe with a prickly laurel of raspberry leaves.

Napping kid in lap

When the kids stopped their antics, these sweeties would crawl into our laps like any baby for a cozy, warm, cuddly, snoring nap.

And, after an afternoon of crazy kid fun in the garden, enjoy a rare, quiet moment cuddling with an exhausted buck. But watch out, ’cause the minute he wakes up, he’ll be dancing on the tabletops and kicking over cocktails as one would expect from a young bacchanilian.

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