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Why Scoop Dog Poop

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Why Scoop Dog Poop? You Ask…

There are several answers to the ‘why scoop dog poop’ questions. And while there are many kinds of animal poop that may augment your garden, dog poop isn’t even close to being one of them. In fact, dog waste houses some nasty, toxic, sickening stuff. And even if it doesn’t manage you make you sick, it can leach into storm collection systems and streams, leading to their contamination. So, if you’re planning to add a pooch to your garden, be prepared to be a vigilant pooper scooper, please!

Why scoop dog poop for playful pups?

Giving dogs a sanitary yard to play in is one reason to scoop your poop!

Rain won’t make dog poop go away…

Many people think leaving dog poop in the garden is okay because over time rain will weather it away. But the truth is, the poop doesn’t just disappear. Instead, it gets washed into the Earth.

So imagine this idea: You design a doggie toilet areas. And you install ground cover in a small, tucked away area of your garden. Moreover your plan is to train your dog to do his business here. That way you won’t have to see it. Too you might not smell it. And, in your mind, you can ignore it.

This part of the design is a good idea:

Plant ground cover instead of lawn for dogs. And install it in a tucked away area. Furthermore, do train your dogs to use the area.

This part of the plan is not good:

Wait for the the rain and elements wash away the waste.

So why is leaving rain to wash dog poop away bad?

Well, for starters, you might get fined for allowing an accumulation of waste. Or you might get a fined for leaving your dogs in unsanitary living conditions.

But its important to know that dog waste is dangerous. It can carry all sorts of things that can not only make you sick, but if rain doesn’t make it disappear. Instead, it washes it into the soil where those dangerous microbes can fester. And it moves those nasties into the ground water. So it creates further contamination.

Dog poop attracts rats!

When you don’t scoop dog poop, it languishes in place for some period of time. And this can attract rats. Believe it or not, rats will happily munch on dog waste. So this might reduce the size of your canine poop pile. But it would also mean helping increase the population of disease-spreading rodents, too.

Small old guard dog

Even little dogs and puppies produce problematic waste.
Tiny turds aren’t an excuse to leave it in place!

Dog Poop Stinks!

Summer heat is a big reason for why scoop dog poop. As poop piles up in the heat, it really starts stinking. And even if you don’t mind the smell, odds are your neighbors will.

So, scoop your dog poop.

Bag it. And then trash it. Or, you could consider getting an in-ground dog waste septic system. (But in our experience they don’t work very well.)

And never put dog poop in your yard waste or home compost. Also, don’t try to recycle it in your worm bin or compost heap. And, never, ever put it in your food garden.

3 comments on “Why Scoop Dog Poop

  1. Cynthia Slate on

    We always scoop our dog poop right away. I am worried about cat poop in my yard. Can you please address that issue as well.

  2. Garden Mentors on

    Thanks for the note Cynthia. Good for you. Not sure what you mean about addressing cat poop. The stuff is toxic & nasty. Sadly, its near impossible to make homeowners clean up after their outdoor cats.

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