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Best Valentines Gifts for Gardeners

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Looking for Valentines Gifts for Gardeners?

If your beloved is a gardener, ignore tradition and go for some of our best Valentines gifts for gardeners ideas instead. In truth, most gardeners don’t want a grocery-store bouquet. So, skip those over-priced, fragrance-free red roses that probably traveled half-way around the world from a hothouse. In fact, opting for something other than any cut flowers may win you big Valentine points with a gardener.

Valentine's Gift for Gardeners - Living Roses

Living rose plants are a great option for plant lovers!

Years ago my then-boyfriend-now-husband hit a local nursery’s February bare-root sale to score a half-dozen assorted roses for me.

Not cut rose flowers!

Rather, he picked up six different rose bushes for us to plant together into our garden. So not only did we add plants to the garden, but we enjoyed spending time together planting them. That won him some really big points from this gardener on Valentine’s Day! We enjoyed the flowering plants in the garden and in numerous arrangements until we moved away.

Hopefully today someone else is still enjoying the love we planted together that year.

What about gardening lessons for Valentine’s Day?

Gardeners love to learn and grow. In fact, even experienced gardeners thrive on the opportunity to gain more and better gardening knowledge. So that’s why we’ve created the Garden Mentors Academy! Moreover, we offer other short-form programs as well. But, if you really want to help your garden love gain loads of valuable gardening lessons and tools, the Garden Mentors Academy is a great gift to give for Valentine’s Day gardeners.

Learn more and sign up today.

Garden show tickets & gardening seminars for Valentine’s gifts…

Your garden love will likely love a Valentine’s gift of tickets to a Garden Show. And lucky for you, one garden show almost always lands on Valentine’s Day. If you don’t already know, that’s the Northwest Flower & Garden Show! This show traditionally happens in February. And more often than not, it happens on Valentine’s Day.

In 2023 this show opens the day after Valentine’s Day, but that means you can surprise your love with tickets. And when they attend the show, the next day(s), they’ll think fondly of you every time they hand over a ticket. Or, better yet, buy pairs of tickets to the garden show for Valentine’s Day. That way you and your love can attend together.

Moreover, be sure to catch Robin on stage several times during the show!

Find our founder’s schedule & topics, and buy your Valentine’s Day garden gift tickets on the NWFGF website here.

Every girl loves a big rock for Valentine’s Day!

But when it comes to what that means for a flora and fauna lover, that rock might weigh closer to a ton and sparkle much less than a diamond. Several years back, my creative husband took this idea to heart by giving me a basalt dish stone to place under a small tree that I had purchased for his Valentine gift the year prior. Today, the tree and dish are focal in a garden we built together.

Plus, the combination of tree and stone now provide habitat to attract songbirds that are an endless source of peaceful entertainment out the window.

Big rocks for gardeners for Valentine's Day gifts

What about a gardening vacation for Valentine’s Day?

Although we didn’t make the trip in February, we did spend one Valentine’s Day planning a gardening tour of Paris. And that vacation became this gardener’s “trip of a lifetime.” You certainly don’t have to splurge on a big trip to make your horty-lover happy. In fact, some of my best Valentine’s Days were spent bundled up in February walking hand-in-hand on a garden tour or in a park or at the NW Flower & Garden Festival, which often lands on Valentine’s Day.

If you can’t afford to book a Paris vacation, maybe our Gardener’s Tour of Paris in Springtime online photo tour/seminar is more your speed. To find out more about programs like this (and when they’re available), sign up for our newsletters now. That way we’ll let you know next time this presentation becomes available for you to share with your gardening Valentine!

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