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La Chenille Ne Mange Pas

September 06, 2011

Below the bright, shining faces of late summer sunflowers…

Love Lies Bleeding

Love Lies Bleeding - All over the garden

Beside the mildew-infested squash…

Rooted among tasty, golden nightshade nuggets…

Dripping across the water-filled pot from which the honeybees sip — yet, dry itself.

September’s Love lies bleeding in fuchsia-red — brilliant and cheerfully painted.

Yet, posture & color are at odds.

It sweeps & hangs & sways — almost mournful in its stance — clothing the garden in its fabric flowers.

Like a chenille?


But never a papillon to be.

(Thanks to Renee’s Garden Seeds for sending us this year’s selection to try for free; we love it – even better than other varieties we’ve grown in years past.

Grown from seed earlier this year, this potentially edible, definitely dry-able flower is bleeding all over the garden. But unlike its fauna-lookalike chenille, this flora won’t chomp through the garden. Instead, it brightens even as it sways and sweeps and lies mournfully about.

Oh, and yes, my French is beyond rusty, so pardonnez moi s’il vous plait.)

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  1. […] Amaranth we love to grow in ‘Love Lies Bleeding‘. This show-stopping cousin isn’t edible (to my knowledge), but its flowers are simply […]

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