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May Day Posies

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Wondering what to grow for homegrown posies to give on May Day? Here’s a virtual posy of some of our favorites that are in full bloom, beginning to bloom or just wrapping up their bloom season by May 1st. Some of these beauties are native trees. Others are gorgeous shrubs. And, a number are naturalizing bulbs to plant (mostly) in fall and enjoy for many years to come. If you aren’t already celebrating the tradition of harvesting a few flowers to bundle in a posy & give to your friends and neighbors as a surprise celebration of spring flora, now’s the time to dive in and become a gardening fan who grows loads of blooms for garden eye candy, pollinator forage and May Day gifts! If you are growing fun blooms this time of year and don’t see your favorites here, please tell us what you love most.

Species tulip in bloom for May Day

Add late flowering species tulips for apricot-pink cups of beauty on May Day.

Jonquil in bloom for May Day

Plant fragrant jonquils in fall and enjoy blooms like this for May Day.

Cranberry viburnum blooming for May Day

Cranberry viburnum & many other viburnums bloom throughout spring & other times too!

Rhododendron blooming for May Day

Rhododendrons open throughout spring. There’s bound to be one blooming May 1st for you!

Cornus florida blooming for May Day

Native Cornus florida blooms beautifully in the mountains of Virginia in early May.

Tree peony blooming for May Day

Tree and herbaceous peonies often open this time of year. Perfect for bouquets!

Enkianthus in bloom for May Day.

Lovely bells on Enkianthus brighten the May garden.

We pretty much expect someone will chime in with their love of lilacs, right?!

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