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Attracting Birds as Beneficials

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Interested in attracting birds as beneficials to your garden?

Birds can be very beneficial to your garden. And this includes both wild birds and domesticated birds! All birds can help eat pest insects. Plus they might aerated your lawn. And their poop is valuable fertilizer. Moreover, they’ll sing to you and offer all sorts of fun entertainment.

But these a just a few of the benefits of attracting birds to your garden.

Attracting birds to your garden means giving them what they need!

Ways to attract wild birds to your garden…

There are lots of ways to go about attracting wild birds to your garden. And some are easier than others. So try a few of the following ideas. And see who comes to tweet in your borders first!

Do: Grow plants for bird food!

Plants that yield the foods birds need are better than putting up feeders. And there are a few reasons for this. For instance feeders can spread disease. And plants often produce foods that the birds are seeking as they need those exact foods.

But keep in mind that some birds, like robins and waxwings, will want berries. And other birds, like hummingbirds, will want flowers for nectar and pollen. Too, birds like chickadees need seeds. Moreover all birds want insects. So by simply leaving some wood to rot, you’ll be growing food and likely attracting wild birds to your garden.

Do: Provide roosting & hiding spots.

Birds need safe places to roost even when they aren’t nesting. And often they will look for cavities in trees to do this. As well, birds need places to hide from predators too. So those thick, twiggy thickets in your garden are great for attracting birds to your garden!

Do: Help birds nest!

Simply leaving some twigs, mud, moss and lichen for birds helps. That’s because many birds gather these materials to craft their nests. But you might also grow plants to craft into birdhouses for them.

And be cautious when you’re gardening during the nesting season. That’s because you can accidentally uproot a ground nest while weeding. Or you might prune out a branch holding a nest full of baby birds. And that’s not going to do much good in attracting birds to your garden!

Don’t: Put down poisons!

When you put out poisons for critters like rats, you may end up killing wild birds as well. That’s because many wild birds eat those poisoned rats. So they get sick as well. So instead consider remember that attracting the birds to your garden may help rid your garden of pests too.

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