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Bee Preservers: Garden Art Benefits Bee Preservation

May 06, 2013

Today Glass Gardens Northwest launched their new line of glass garden floats to help with bee preservation, aptly named Bee Preservers. (Updated 2018: Unfortunately, this product line appears to no longer be for sale.)

Founder Barbara Sanderson is an advocate for clean food, animal welfare, and a healthy environment. Learning about the escalating plight of the bees and seeing our bees using her art as a safe way to access fresh water, combined to inspire this new line of her work.

Bee on Bee Preserver

The First Honeybee we spied sipping water while standing on a new Bee Preserver from Glass Gardens Northwest

These new floats are created with added exterior texture to allow the bees to safely land in a water feature and trek down the glass surface to sip from the water — without falling in and drowning as so often happens.

And, yes, they work as intended! Barbara sent a few our way last week to try out — yes, free of charge and without expectation of compensation on our end — and the bees love them so much we can’t dismantle, drain and scrub out our mucked up, over-wintered bubbling pot. Oh well, the bees don’t care, and that chore can happen another time when it isn’t so hot & sunny, which makes for some thirsty bees of all kinds.

Bee Preserver Glass Floats & Bees

Cluster of Bee Preserver Glass Floats covered with thirsty bees

Prices for these floats begin at just under $14; larger floats are incrementally more expensive. Buy them here. (2018 update: This product line appears to no longer be available.)

And, just think:  $3 of every float you purchase is being donated by Glass Gardens NW to The Foundation for the Preservation of Honeybees.

Check out more of Barbara’s art & more Bee Preserver pics from our private tour & sale here.


  1. Thank you Robin for helping to spread the word about our new product line! Here’s hoping more bees will get to drink water safely!

  2. Mary Lu Burchard says:

    I love the blue head showing on your mast head. Is it for sale? If so, how much and size? Thanks

  3. Mary Lu, I assume you’re asking about one of the blue floats shown in this article. If that’s the case, you’ll need to contact Glassgardensnw.com to order a specific version of the Bee Preserver floats. There is a link further down in this article to their store for ordering, or get in touch with them directly if you want to order something even more customized. Garden Mentors® isn’t selling these floats through our store. Thanks!

  4. Barb Pratt says:

    Will these floaters attract yellow jackets as well? I can’t even keep small, decorative bird houses around because these pests nest in everything.

  5. Barb, we can’t promise that bees of all sorts won’t use these. That being said, we almost exclusively see honeybees using ours. We have a huge population of honeybees in this garden as well as quite a few hornets, bumblebees, yellowjackets, hoverflies and so forth. So, no guarantees. Worst case: you buy something that donates to a good cause & you have a very lovely piece of art – whether you float it in water or not!

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  9. Victoria Johnson says:

    How do I purchase the bee preservers? Can you send me a link. The link Buy Them Here does not seem to be working to connect me to purchasing them.

  10. Victoria,

    Thanks for your request for help finding bee preservers. To the best of our knowledge, these are no longer available.

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