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Bee Preservers: Garden Art Benefits Bee Preservation

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Bee preservation comes in many forms.

Bee preservation is something anyone can do. And it’s not just about planting flowers. In fact, doing something as simple as offering bee waterers really helps.

Bee preservation float

What’s a bee waterer?

A bee waterer is basically a safe place for bees to have a drink. And that means these bee bars have to be accessible. So they need to be set up in a way that bees won’t drown while lapping up water.

So how can you set up a safe waterer to help with bee preservation?

Bees need fresh water. And, they need something to crawl on to get to that water. So, you can get really fancy. Or you can set up a really simple bee watering stations.

For example:

  • Set out a shallow ceramic or glass dish with a few inches of water. And drape a few twigs across the edges leading into the water. That way the bees can crawl down the twigs to the water edge to take a drink.
  • Or  place several clean stones in the dish of water. That’s because the bees can land on the rocks and sip safely.
  • As well, you might run a simple potted water feature with a gentle bamboo spigot running. That way bees will happily land on the spigot to sip.
  • Or, float a few corks in some water for bee islands.

But, a really beautiful way to do bee preservation waterers is with glass floats.

  • Blown glass floats are designed to simply float on the surface of the water. In fact, most decorative floats are inspired by fishing floats. But for bees, they make a safe sipper’s landing pad. And the floats don’t have to be something really fancy. So, if you’re looking for a specific “bee preserver” float, don’t worry about finding a name brand. That’s because bees can use any blown glass float in your garden.

Want more help with bee preservation in your garden?

Then sign up to be first in line when we open our online training programs next time. That way you can hop onto our limited enrollment programs and get our best help with all things gardening. And that includes ideas for crafting gardens that support all sorts of bees. Moreover, we can help you enjoy gardening more and develop a dreamy garden for you and for bee preservation too!

9 comments on “Bee Preservers: Garden Art Benefits Bee Preservation

  1. Mary Lu Burchard on

    I love the blue head showing on your mast head. Is it for sale? If so, how much and size? Thanks

  2. Garden Mentors on

    Mary Lu, I assume you’re asking about one of the blue floats shown in this article. If that’s the case, you’ll need to contact to order a specific version of the Bee Preserver floats. There is a link further down in this article to their store for ordering, or get in touch with them directly if you want to order something even more customized. Garden Mentors® isn’t selling these floats through our store. Thanks!

  3. Barb Pratt on

    Will these floaters attract yellow jackets as well? I can’t even keep small, decorative bird houses around because these pests nest in everything.

  4. Garden Mentors on

    Barb, we can’t promise that bees of all sorts won’t use these. That being said, we almost exclusively see honeybees using ours. We have a huge population of honeybees in this garden as well as quite a few hornets, bumblebees, yellowjackets, hoverflies and so forth. So, no guarantees. Worst case: you buy something that donates to a good cause & you have a very lovely piece of art – whether you float it in water or not!

  5. Victoria Johnson on

    How do I purchase the bee preservers? Can you send me a link. The link Buy Them Here does not seem to be working to connect me to purchasing them.

  6. Heidi piccolo on

    So sad to hear the bee preserver glass balls are no longer available ! Any recommendations on bee preserver floats I can use in my pool to help the bees ??

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