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Good Bee News Buzz

April 09, 2013

All the bee news we write can’t be bad. With our last post, we managed to really bum out (and educate) quite a few people. Thanks everyone for spreading the word. Today, we share some up-beat news about the bees!

Corky and his crew from Ballard Bee Company just dropped by to install orchard mason bee cocoons and check the one hive (of two) still alive in our garden.

Here’s the scoop:

Beekeeper checking honeybee hive

Dave of Ballard Bee Company Checks the Honeybee Hive, frame by frame.

Our one hive of two that made it through the winter is booming! The queen is laying brood. The hive is doing so well that Corky’s crew installed another box on the stack to give them some more room. Plus, he put in a few frames with honey to keep them fat and happy. Unfortunately, a few of the bees are wearing mites. But, so far, honeybees are out-competing the pest.

The Orchard Mason bees are now in a little house on a warm, south facing wall just above heavily blooming Manzanita, which they tend to love. Let’s hope it warms up and they hatch like the wild ones we’ve seen in the garden.

Mason Bee on Glass Art

Wild Orchard Mason Bee Resting on Glass Gardens Northwest Art


What’s next? We’re talking with another local bee guy who removes all sorts of bees from unwanted locations. There may be an opportunity for us to host a few rescued bumblebee nests this year. If it happens, we’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, keep planting for the bees and keep spreading the world to support ecological practices and legislation to support their continued ability to thrive and ensure we have plenty to eat. Have questions? Let us know!


  1. balbert says:

    Yea bees!

  2. Inform and spread the wonderful news about bees.


  3. […] can you hire? In Seattle, there are a few companies offering poison-free bee extraction services. Corky Luster of Ballard Bee Company will be providing BuzzBeeGone services beginning in 2015. Not only does Corky know his bees, but he […]

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