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Hummingbirds Eat Aphids!

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Hummingbirds do eat aphids & other garden pests.

Hummingbirds do eat aphids. So leaving these pest insects in your garden can be a good thing. In fact, the protein in these pest bugs is an important part of many birds’ diets.
baby hummingbirds eat aphids

Yes, aphids do damage to garden plants.

But, most plants can bounce back from aphid damage. Sure, they might look a little rough around the edges. But, rarely is aphid damage so bad that a plant doesn’t survive. And, this is especially true when hummingbirds come to the rescue and eat your aphds.

Here’s an example of why letting hummingbirds eat your aphids is good…

Let’s say you have a very tall tree. And aphids like to eat the tender new growth at the top of the tree. So there’s no way you could spray water to get rid of those pests. And the same goes for trying to use a ‘cide to eradicate them. However, hummingbirds can easily fly to the top of your tree. And they’ll eat up those aphids fast.

Moreover when that new growth is most tender and appealing to aphids. Well, that’s when baby hummingbirds are in the nest. And those babies need more bug protein than sugar water to grow. That means momma hummingbird is eating aphids faster than ever at this time of year. And when she does, the tree will quickly bounce back from an aphid attack.

So what if aphids are attacking perennials or annuals? Well the hummingbirds will eat those pests too. But you can also cut down the worst aphid damage to help the plant recover & regrow.

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2 comments on “Hummingbirds Eat Aphids!

  1. Stephanie on

    My “Major Wheeler” trumpet honeysuckle is just now coming into bloom and unfortunately is covered with aphids. However, the hummers should be back any day now, if they aren’t already and I just haven’t spotted one yet. All those little aphids and the flowers should provide a much needed meal for hummers after their long travels. Funny how Mother Nature works like that!

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