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Ways to Beat Mosquitoes

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Everyone wants to know how to beat mosquitos naturally.

In fact, one of the top questions we get each summer is: “How can I beat mosquitoes naturally, without using lots of bug sprays?”

Well, there are a lot of things to try…

But those pestering little buggers are difficult to fully eradicate. In fact, one tiny bit of standing water can turn into a breeding ground for these tiny vampires. And all it takes is one bite to drive you nuts. Or, make you really sick.

But, there are a few things you can do to reduce mosquito habitat and populations. And these can help you get rid of mosquitoes naturally.
growing frog habitat is a way to beat mosquitos naturally

The first way to beat mosquitos naturally, is to remove standing water.

In your garden, this includes emptying standing water features.  Too, emptying old pet watering bowls can help get rid of mosquitoes. Moreover, if you have wadded up tarps and other junk, empty those. And clean out gutters. That’s because all of these are places where mosquitoes like to raise their babies!

The next way to beat them, is to screen water catchment systems.

So, If you’re catching water in a rain barrel, be sure there’s no way for the adult mosquitoes to get. That’s because if they get in, they’ll deposit their larvae.

And, if the adults get in, the hatching larvae will get out too. However, if you already see larvae wiggling around, screen them in tight. That way, they should just die because they can’t escape.

Or, better yet, use up the catchment water right away. By emptying it into your garden, the larvae will die before they mature.

And, increase habitat for mosquito predators.

Gardening for helpful garden fauna may mean less mosquitos to bug you. So, build a bat house. Or a swallow house.

And create habitat for amphibians like frogs and salamanders. Plus, growing a hummingbird habitat garden may encourage them to eat the nasty bugs. And you can learn more about many other annoying garden pests that hummingbirds control here.

As well, you might try growing some hungry carnivorous plants to help you get rid of mosquitoes naturally!

Add more plants that mosquitos don’t like.

Adding in those meat eating plants is a start. But, also try growing some Australian bush mint. Or plant a Eucalyptus tree.

And, pot up some scented geraniums, especially Citrosa geranium. That’s because these fragrant plants may help you keep those annoying bugs away.

Try lighting a fire to bugger off mosquitoes.

But only burn if it’s safe to do so. Sometimes mosquitoes arrive when gardens are tinder-dry, and fires aren’t a good idea.

However, simply burning incense can’t push these bugs out. And citronella candles may help too.

Beating mosquitos naturally isn’t always perfect.

The reality is, mosquitos are tough to beat back. And, getting bit can leave you very sick. So safety first!

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