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Wrens in the Garden

April 05, 2014

We love attracting wrens to garden with us!

I love snuggling up in a cozy chair by our picture window to watch wild birds like these wrens in the garden. When I first settled down with my weekend latte, a Red Flicker was pecking away at suet. Juncos were foraging below, and squirrels were quarreling with crows. Then, I noticed small, fluttering movements near one of our birdhouses — the birdhouse in which our adopted bumblebees came last spring.

Nesting Wren in the Garden

Nesting Wren in the Garden Checking Out the View from Their New Front Door

A pair of wrens, Bewicks wren (I believe), are nesting in that house. Right now!

They live here year ’round. We’ve heard them called the “Seattle Wren”. And, we love them. These two and their brood will devour pest insects like leaf hoppers and aphids to keep our garden healthy all season long.

Nesting Beckwick Wren

Bewick Wren Bringing in Nesting Materials Foraged from the Garden

Learn to attract birds like these beneficial songbirds to your garden. You might even try planting a seed to grow into a birdhouse for next season.

And, that’s enough said. I’d rather go back to my cozy chair, latte, and view of the happy couple than write anything more.

(Check back later. I’ll upload some video of their antics after I enjoy watching them live.)

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