Learn the Joy of Growing Your Herbal Happy Hour Garden-to-Bar!

Discover how to GROW amazing PLANTS,
MAKE spectacular back bar INFUSIONS &
from your home garden to ENJOY IN YOUR gorgeous GARDEN!

Growing your own craft cocktail ingredients in your garden is the best & most rewarding way to enjoy less expensive fancy cocktails & booze-free libations at home in your own gorgeous garden.

And growing your own plants to harvest and infuse can be the most effective way to lower your cocktail costs, grow a spectacular garden, and craft your own amazing cocktails & mocktails too!

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Garden to Glass Strawberry Mai Thai
Mo with her Garden to Glass Cocktail
Relaxing in a tranquil garden is the best way to spend my time. Add to that experience one of Robin’s refreshing herbal cocktails and it’s BLISS! I’ve fallen in love with her elderflower and elderberry back-bar infusions and her mocktails and cocktails. We are very lucky that Robin is sharing her magic in an online herbal workshop.” – Mo T., Teacher

You’re going to become a master of the Garden-to-Bar experience in this program!

  • Learn to grow beautiful, delicious plants in your garden.
  • Discover when & how to harvest from your garden at the peak moment.
  • Master making scrumptious back-bar infusions — some with booze & some for t-totallers.
  • Learn the art of mixing craft cocktails & mocktails that rival fancy drinks at expensive bars by using your own homegrown & handcrafted DIY infusions.

In our unique Garden-to-Bar program you’ll discover:

Part 1 – Growing Your Garden:
Discover over a dozen plants with unique flavors to grow. And learn how & when to gather from them at their peak moments. Some may already be growing in your garden. Others you’ll be excited to plant soon. And some you may find to forage in the wild. Lessons include spectacular plants like:

  • Elderberry & elderflower
  • Anise hyssop
  • Sea buckthorn
  • & many more!
Cherry in the garden
Part 2 – Stocking Your Back Bar:
Master creating the best ingredients to always have on hand with our step-by-step guides to extracting the best infusions from each of your garden harvests. Some boozy & some for everyone! Lessons include detailed recipes & guidelines for tastiness like:

  • Floral & fruity cordials
  • Herbal tonic syrup
  • Garden-infused liqueurs
  • & more!
Cherry back bar preparation
Part 3 – Mastering Mixology:
Learn to properly mix and blend over two dozen of our taste-testers’ favorite craft cocktails & mocktails based on what you grow in your garden & make in your back bar lessons. And soon you’ll be whipping up tasty sippables like:

  • Respect Your Elder-tini
  • Shirley Temple Fizz
  • Garden-fresh Daiquiri
  • & lots more!
Cherry Cocktail

Plus, you’ll benefit from:

  • 24/7: 365 Access
  • Step-by-step training!
  • Printable recipes for your back bar, cocktails & mocktails

Growing Your Herbal Happy Hour Garden & Bar is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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The Sad Reality is…

Hanging out in crowded bars can be fun, but it isn’t the safest or least expensive way to relax and enjoy a good drink. That’s because people end up drinking and driving. Too, a stranger in that dark bar might slip drugs into your drink. Plus, these days, tight spaces might mean you come home sick with something nasty. As well, those fancy bar drinks with special herbal infusions tend to be the highest ticket items on the menu.

So, if you’re going to continue to go out to happy hour, you’re going to continue putting your health, safety and your wallet at risk.

Seriously! Show me one person who has bragged about spending their paycheck on craft cocktails only to get arrested with a DUI on their way home and ending up sick with a nasty virus on top of it all.


That’s because nobody enjoys breaking the bank and going to jail. And absolutely nobody wants to risk the modern plague.

If you’re looking for less expensive fancy cocktail solutions and want to learn how to make homegrown herbal-infused drinks to enjoy safely at home…

You’re in the right place!

In this program, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how you can enjoy the healthy benefits of growing spectacular garden plants that provide the added bonus of deliciousness for your happy hour. Plus, with my step-by-step lessons, you’ll skip the risky, expensive cocktail bar. And instead you’ll save money by DIYing homegrown happy hour drinks to enjoy in your no-driving-required, homegrown, Covid-free oasis garden at home..

Others are already reveling in this Garden-to-Bar program!

& So Can You!

Kristen with Rose Hips
“Robin’s cherry cordial is a must have in my cocktail cabinet. It’s so tasty & goes so well with so many things. Gin, vodka, tequila, rum & bourbon cocktails are all delicious with this mixer. Even just a little with some seltzer water is so refreshing & brings back fond memories of Shirley Temples, but these recipes are so much better!” – Kristen P., Native Plant Specialist
Jen in her mocktail garden
Robin has INSPIRED me to get creative with MOCKTAILS! I am not the best gardener but Robin’s lessons have helped me learn to grow my own citrus and herbs like mint. It’s so VERY easy to grow. And, it is DELISH in my mocktails! YUM!” – Jen P., Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Dave sipping herbal happy hour nocino in garden
“Robin’s enthusiasm for herbs is contagious. I’ve expanded my herbal palette in the garden and am inspired and excited for the endless delicious possibilities.” – David H., Outdoorsman

What is the price of your investment?

Elderflower in Garden

From garden…

Elderflower Back Bar Preparation

to back bar…

Elderflower mocktail

to glass!

The mistake most people make is they think they can craft amazing, unique craft cocktails & mocktails to rival fancy bars at home by using over-priced, premixed, bottled ingredients they pick up at the grocery store. And have you looked at the unpronounceable ingredient lists on some of those mixes?

What is that stuff?!?

Or worse, they waste money trying untested, poorly crafted freebie directions.

And the thing is, you don’t get a refund policy when the drink you mix up these ways doesn’t meet your expectations, and you end up tossing out all those expensive experiments.

So, next people say they’ll try to come up with their own garden-to-bar methods.

Which is possible, but it can take years to grow and harvest the right plants. And, it takes a lot of recipe testing and re-testing to get your infusions and blends just right.

And all of those things cost time and money.

If you’re like me, you want to learn how to grow and craft successfully and without the risks. And the best way to do this is to MASTER these skills with pre-tested (and refundable) options.

This is your chance to learn from me and skyrocket your learning curve faster.

And you can MASTER my Herbal Happy Hour Garden-to-Glass program for just $97 now!

Your investment is backed by our 2 week money back guarantee!

I don’t want anyone to be dissatisfied with my programs!

So you have two full weeks to try it out. Plus, you can even print out recipes to keep no matter what. But, if you decide it isn’t for you, just email our support team for a full refund. No questions asked!

We’ve put together some bonuses you’re going to love!

Member’s only discount with our favorite best-in-class nursery specializing in unique and unusual edible plants, including many featured in this delicious program. Order your herbal happy hour garden plants for less & have them delivered directly to your home!
Example Nursery Member Discount
Member’s only savings with specialty makers of gorgeous handblown glassware. So you can order directly from the artist for less & have functional works of artwork shipped to your door!
Example Glassware bonus discounts
Special EXTRAS lessons to further enhance your herbal happy hour experience with bonus recipes, tips & tricks. These will help you take your finished drinks to the next level of delicious & gorgeous!
Herbal Happy Hour Bonus

Start Growing & Crafting Yours Today!

An old saying tells us that the best time to plant a garden is yesterday. And the same thing applies with your herbal happy hour garden! So, the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be sipping & savoring the flavors of your garden!


I’m Robin Haglund, founder of Garden Mentors®. And I love helping struggling gardeners so they find joy & success in their thriving gardens!
Robin teaching garden to glass class

Also, I really love a delicious cocktail. And these days, I’m sipping more mocktails than cocktails.

However, I’m not a big fan of drinking in dark, crowded bars. And, I don’t like dropping $20 on a drink either. Especially when it’s made with prefab mixers! And I absolutely hate the idea of having a drink and then having to drive home.

I’d rather spend my time relaxing with a handcrafted cocktail in my beautiful home garden setting. And I’d rather spend money on growing really cool plants that I can harvest for drinks for years instead of blowing my budget on a couple of meh drinks at a bar.

While I have been crafting specialty sippables from the garden for years, it recently became clear to me that many others want to learn how to do this too. In fact, I started getting a lot of requests for my recipes and techniques about just this from clients and social media followers during the worst of the Covid pandemic.

During the 2020 lockdown, gardening quickly became even more popular. That’s because people wanted to build resilience and stay home where they were safe! And today the desire to maintain and expand our gardens continues to grow.

Folks know they can rely on me to teach them about growing edibles. That’s because I’ve been empowering struggling gardeners to find gardening success for decades.

And when folks like you realized I can also teach you how to make amazing drinks from your garden plants too, well, that’s when the requests for a garden-to-glass course started rolling in!

So, I decided to craft this program to help anyone struggling to come up with homegrown happy hour solutions. And I’m excited to offer some of my favorite plants for happy hour concocting along with recipes and techniques I’ve perfected.

These will help you transform homegrown harvests into spectacular drinks (boozy or not) that you can enjoy in the safety and beauty of your own home. Now and for years to come.

Arielle with her herbal happy hour cocktail
“Robin’s herbal infusions are a fun and educational way to experience plants, plus they are delicious to boot! I’ve had a great time learning about all the plants I can use to craft delicious herbal gin and tonics. Plus, Robin also walked me through how to make various cocktails myself, so I can easily replicate them when I’m home in my own garden!” – Arielle L., Organic Farmer
Buffy in her herb garden
“Robin has motivated me to grow a rejuvenating space for myself as well as pollinators & birds on my small city balcony. With her help, I’ve really upped my gardening game! And, she’s really inspired me to grow herbs here for crafting her many delicious beverages!” – Buffy P., Nurse

Don’t wait another minute to dig in & shake things up!

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