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If you’re tired of struggling to garden alone & repeating lots of expensive mistakes along the way, our Group Garden Coaching Club can help you build a community of supportive gardeners from day one. Moreover, you’ll benefit from our decades of proven garden coaching successes. That’s because we’ve already helped thousands of gardeners just like you save money while building better gardening skills, dream gardens, and gardening friendships!

Coaching client Bethany in her garden
“(This garden coaching program) is fun & it also makes me excited to get out there & be more productive in the garden…Thanks Garden Mentors for empowering me to GROW!” – Bethany C., Group Garden Coaching Founding Member

Meet Your Garden Mentors® Club Leader

Robin Haglund Founder of Garden Mentors teaches online gardening classes

I’m here to help you grow!

I’m Robin Haglund, founder of Garden Mentors®. And I love helping struggling gardeners get past confusing issues that “stump” them so that you can successfully and joyfully and easily grow gardens you love!

Seeing you freed from scary and confusing things that freeze you in your garden path is my greatest achievement. Helping you transform into a confident gardener who knows what, why and when to get each garden task done is what I do. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing that A-ha! light bulb go off for my garden coaching clients so that you can grow spectacular gardens independently and confidently.

So, if you want to grow a better gardening lifestyle and garden, my group garden coaching might be for you! With our help, you too can learn how to achieve your dream garden without continuing to repeat frustrating, expensive mistakes. Stop gardening alone & get into our exclusive group garden coaching club to grow your skills, your community, and your best garden ever!

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Coaching Client Christine in her garden
“Robin’s passion and love of plants really shines through. You are an incredible teacher and also a builder of a community. You have done so much for me by helping me focus on the beauty and joy that a garden brings. I’m truly thankful.“ – Christine D., Group Garden Coaching Founding Member

Helping you grow skills & community is what it’s all about!

Being able to teach you the gardening skills you desperately need in a way that makes what seemed so hard actually become easy AND beautiful AND healthy, well, it’s what lights me up!

Over the years working 1:1 with gardeners of all ages and at all different skill levels, I’ve realized that not everyone grew up learning to garden like I did. But, I’ve also learned that EVERYONE can grow to become a really great gardener. That means YOU! But, to get to this level you may need a caring, knowledgeable gardening guide.

That’s why I founded Garden Mentors. To help you grow!

In today’s world, we need to come together more.

I’ve been serving gardeners like you 1:1 for years. But more recently I enrolled in some online learning programs myself. And one of the most impactful experiences I enjoy comes from group coaching sessions. Something really magical happens when we observe others working through their personal challenges. In fact, I continue to be amazed at how much I learn about things I didn’t even know I needed to learn simply by being present to another person working through their own known issues. And another thing that’s really cool about group learning is not only do group coaching team members observe, but they participate! Everyone pitches in ideas to help you, cheer you on, and as a group we help each other achieve our very best.

So when I started seeing huge demand for more online 1:1 garden coaching calls…

I knew I couldn’t continue to serve all my 1:1 demand well this way anymore. And I quickly realized that I could serve more gardeners in even better ways by developing this group program. Not only will I be able to address your individual challenges 1:1, but I will also be able to provide in-depth, inspiring gardening seminars to answer questions for everyone. And inspire deeper thinking about nature. Perhaps best of all, I will be able to help you build your gardening community.

And that community of gardening co-horts will become another keystone in your learning now and into your gardening future.

At a time when Covid has done a lot to isolate us…

group gardening coaching is a way we can come together safely! Even in a virtual meeting place, we can gather, lift each other up, grow our skills, have a lot of fun, and do our very best to ensure we all grow gardens that thrive and that we love.

And the healthy gardens we caretake individually and as a team will make the world a better place. Now and for generations to come.

Are you ready to join me & new co-horts on this path toward your gardening success story?