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In our 3-Part Hummingbird Gardening Series You’ll Discover:

1. Hummingbird Range & Needs

Here you’ll find out where to find hummingbirds on Earth. And you’ll learn how they move around the planet and which regions they call home.

You’ll be introduced to ways humans and climate change impact hummingbirds. And you’ll learn various ways you can support them as a gardener.

And you’ll learn an array of all kinds of plants and other garden elements that support hummingbirds particularly from Spring into Summer.

Hummingbird garden in garden feeding

2. Hummingbird nesting & brood raising

Experience day-by-day nest building to fledging! There’s nothing quite so magical as meeting up with a hummingbird the day she begins to build her nest and being there with her day-by-day as she raises her family.

Learn about daddy bird’s job too. And discover the best foods and other elements you can supply to help make their home and meals healthy.

If you’ve never enjoyed this journey (or even if you have), part 2 of this program is a hummingbird enthusiast’s dream come true!

Hummingbird garden seminar includes nesting hummingbirds

3. How You Can Garden for Hummingbirds

Here you’ll round out 3 seasons of plantings for hummingbirds! And find ways to integrate a balance of mixed evergreen, deciduous, and edible plantings in your garden. That way you’ll support these special birds and craft a gorgeous, productive garden throughout the year.

And we’ll touch on best practices and tips if you really do want to include a feeder in your garden.

Plus, we’ll explore some unusual hummingbird adaptations that might otherwise make you worry for them.

Finally, we’ll consider what it means to be in sync with nature and in sync with hummingbirds.

hummingbird garden seminar includes winter habitat

Growing Your Hummingbird Habitat Garden is Easy with Our Help!

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The sad reality about many hummingbird enthusiasts is…

We really want to attract these amazing creatures to our gardens. And we want to help them. But too often we end up doing more damage than good.

This can happen because we don’t have the time to keep feeders clean. Or we may discover that refilling feeders all the time just gets too darn expensive.

So, while putting up feeders can be fun and beneficial, doing it the wrong way can end up harming hummingbirds instead of helping them.

So, if you’re already busy working a lot, taking care of a family, or if you’d rather spend money on your garden than a bunch of environmentally unfriendly refined sugar, attracting hummingbirds with feeders probably isn’t for you.

Busy, environmentally conscientious gardeners want to spend as much time as possible actually connecting with nature by gardening their garden. Especially when hummingbirds are healthily zipping by to sip from flowers beside us.

That’s way more fun than scrubbing out feeders & making sugar water all the time!

But, you also want to know how to correctly and efficiently do the things that matter so your garden and the hummingbirds thrive!

That means you need lessons that get to the point and provide good skillsets right away. That way you can garden confidently to help hummingbirds and still have time for everything else in your life too.

So, if you’re looking for a fun, beautiful way to gain these skills in a format that’s available on your timeline…

You’re in the right place!

In this 3-part seminar series, I’m going to show you EXACTLY what you want and need to know to craft your own hummingbird habitat garden fast and effectively!

So many others have already grown with our help!

& You can too!

Elderflower in Garden
“I feel like Robin has opened my eyes…Robin is extremely knowledgeable and personable and fun, suggesting things that I never would have thought of and I highly recommend her. ” – Deb O., Garden Seminar Attendee
Joe Lamp'l Growing a Greener World Testimonial
“As an authoritative expert in horticulture, design and issues related to sustainability, she’s our go-to person for the northwestern United States. ” – Joe Lamp’l, Executive Producer, Growing a Greener World

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Coaching client Bethany in her garden
“Thanks Garden Mentors for inspiring & empowering me to GROW!” – Bethany C., Garden Mentors Gardening Academy & Group Coaching Club Member

Welcome my fellow hummingbird gardening enthusiast friends!

I’m Robin Haglund, founder of Garden Mentors®. And I love helping struggling gardeners get past confusing issues that “stump” them so that they can successfully and joyfully and easily grow gardens they love! And I really love being able to share techniques so you can support important garden fauna like hummingbirds!
blackberry harvest

Seeing you freed from scary and confusing things that freeze you in your garden path is my greatest achievement. Helping you transform into a confident gardener who knows what, why and when to get each garden task done is what I live to do. And boy do I like to help you stop wasting money and killing plants! But nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing that A-ha! “I get it & can do it now!” light bulb go off for my garden coaching clients.

When that light goes off for you, we both know you’re well on your way to independently and confidently and happily growing your dream garden!

Being able to teach you the gardening you skills you desperately need in a way that makes what seemed so hard actually become easy AND beautiful AND healthy, well, it’s what lights me up!

Over the years working 1:1 with gardeners of all ages and at all different skill levels, I’ve realized that while not everyone grew up learning to garden like I did, EVERYONE can grow to become a really great gardener.

That means YOU CAN DO IT! But, to get to this level you may need help from a caring, knowledgeable gardening guide.

That’s why I founded Garden Mentors – To help you grow!

And that’s why I’m here to counsel you in all things gardening. Together we’re going to really get you growing, and I’m going to help you achieve success just as fast as possible. Yes, gardens can take time to grow. And yes, will need to get your hands dirty. But I’m ready to share with you the best things you can do to get there fast, save money doing it, grow a healthy space, and have fun along the way. And, I focus on what YOU need to succeed in YOUR GARDEN!

Since you’re here, I know you’re really interested in hummingbirds. And truly, these winged creatures are some of my best gardening friends. Dare I say they love me because I make a point of crafting gardens to support them specifically?

Because I’ve been doing this for so long and because I’ve spoken to literally hundreds of gardeners on the subject of gardening for hummingbirds, I’m confident this program will help you do better in your garden for these magical creatures. And when you craft a garden for hummingbirds, they will flock your way quickly and consistently!

And if you listen and look very carefully, you’ll probably find some nesting in your hummingbird habitat soon.

Lemon verbena in bloom
“…The garden is truly embracing me in a special way. Thanks again for your inspiration!” – Marie P., Garden Coaching Client
anise hyssop in flower
“Robin Haglund brings a wealth of experience… She’s the perfect go-to person to learn about the best practices in caring for a garden – what to do, and especially, what NOT to do. With warm and friendly humor she shares anecdotes, tips and insights from her many years of experience as a ‘garden coach’, helping gardeners with all kinds of problems and suggesting practical, straight-forward solutions…because she’s ‘been there, done that’ with all those garden issues.” – Janet E., NW Flower & Garden Festival Speaker Manager

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