Learn How to Easily Grow Your Own Hummingbird Garden!

In this 3-part Hummingbird Garden Seminar series, you’ll quickly learn how easy and rewarding it is to grow your fabulous garden to support hummingbirds.

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Hummingbird garden seminar includes nesting hummingbirds
This was a great talk! Robin provided a lot of detailed information as well the various types of flowers and plants that pollinators need. She included numerous beautiful photos and useful handouts. I’m definitely going to try some of her hummingbird garden seminar tips!” – Buffy P.
Hummingbird garden seminar includes plants for hummingbirds
Robin (is an) excellent speaker and had a wonderful presentation with lots of great photos and information. As Skyline Garden Club President, I received many compliments on Robin’s (hummingbird) program. Everyone enjoyed it and learned something new. I can highly recommend Robin.” – Barbara L.
hummingbird garden seminar includes winter habitat
Excellent talk. I learned exactly what I came to learn and applied the information immediately! Wonderful.” – Ingrid.

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