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These lessons are things I could go put into place right now. I appreciate that!” Jennifer, Early Bird Member

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Meet Your Garden Mentor®

Robin Haglund Founder of Garden Mentors teaches online gardening classes

I’m here to help you grow with online gardening classes!

I’m Robin Haglund, founder of Garden Mentors®. And I love seeing gardeners thrive in their gardens! In fact, for decades I’ve been helping struggling gardeners from all over the United States and beyond to build their gardening skills and dream gardens. And they succeed because I help them avoid making costly gardening mistakes that are all too common when we go it alone without a knowledgable, caring guide.

My gardening students love Garden Mentors® because the gardening programs, including online gardening classes & group coaching programs, I’ve developed are rooted in approachable and achievable step-by-step guidelines and resources that meet each gardener at any level. And by following these smart, proven programs struggling gardeners are able to achieve their personal gardening triumphs fast!

In fact, my students’ success stories explain the benefits of this gardening course best:

“Your ability to help me organize my gardening priorities and understand what it would take to get from point A to point Z in my gardening goals has been key to my gardening success. Working 60 hours a week at my tech job meant I have very limited time to garden, but with your help I was able to get my garden sanctuary perfected for a big garden tour that went off without a hitch. Thanks for helping me achieve my gardening goals!
Mari M., Garden Mentors® member, coaching & garden design client AND award-winning garden designer

“Robin’s passion and love of plants really shines through. You are an incredible teacher and also a builder of a community.  You have done so much for me by helping me focus on the beauty and joy that a garden brings.  I’m truly thankful.
– Christine D., Garden Mentors® Academy member, coaching & garden design client

I’m in love with your perspective on native plants vs pioneer plants. For reals – this was a new and awesomely mind breaking concept that speaks to my soul.”
– Anna C., Garden Mentors® Academy member

“These are things I could go put into place (in my garden) right now. I appreciate that!” Jennifer, Group Garden Coaching Club Early Bird

Student Testimonial about Garden Classes with Garden Mentors

Professional gardening celebrities believe in our gardening lessons too!

“I’ve had the chance to work with Robin Haglund of Garden Mentors now on several projects. As an authoritative expert in horticulture, design and issues related to sustainability, she’s our go-to person for the northwestern United States. Her thoroughness, attention to detail and can-do attitude is a consistent trait that we love in working with Robin. From her personal garden, where we featured her design skills on our national television show, to collaborating on a major community garden design and installation project, Robin exceeds expectations at every level. We love working with her!
– Joe Lamp’l, Executive Producer & Host: Growing a Greener World

Online garden class student testimonial

I’m thrilled to offer you ways to grow with me through online gardening classes!

I grew up exploring nature and gardening on farms and in the city. I was lucky to learn about gardening and the natural world since before I could walk. Later in life, I realized not everyone grew up learning these skills like I did. And, I also came to appreciate that most people really want to master these gardening abilities and related skills. And I knew that I was uniquely qualified to empower frightened and struggling gardeners to find success in building their gardening skills and their dream gardens.

That’s why I started Garden Mentors & our online gardening lessons.

Online garden classes are a way I’m able to share my lifetime of hands-on knowledge and certified horticulture training skills with a wider audience than ever before. For decades I’ve empowered others by working hand-in-hand with individuals and families. Moreover, I’ve helped thousands of people find balance, direction, and success in their gardens and on their natural world journeys. Too, I’ve been honored to help connect people at all skill levels and of all ages to improve their enjoyment and mastery of these disciplines. Most importantly, I’ve helped many struggling gardeners save money by learning how to garden in ways that achieve results rather than make mistakes. But offering 1:1 training is limiting. That’s because I can only be in one place at one time.

So online gardening classes based on my tried and true methods of teaching gardening are now available to everyone! Creating online lessons allows me to teach more people to grow their gardens better than ever before!

Experience has taught me that each of us is able to gain independence and resilience through our connections to plants, our gardens, and all of nature. And, there’s nothing that says independent like growing your own food to feed your family! Plus, simply understanding how to garden (for food or otherwise) is empowering. That’s because you’ll have the skills to finally grow a great garden on your own without so much hassle and so many costly mistakes that might be frustrating you now. So our online gardening classes are here to help.

Listen, I get it: We all need a little help along the way.

That’s what my online gardening classes are all about – teaching you how to garden successfully. And that means I’ll help you get the most garden for your buck as fast as possible! Finally, I’m focused on being there to support you every step of the way.

Are you ready to join me on this path toward your gardening success story?