Learn about gardening with our garden coaches

If you’re wondering how you can learn about gardening with premiere gardening coaches, we’ve got a program for you! That’s because Garden Mentors® has spent decades teaching people just like you how to garden successfully through thoughtful garden coaching programs.

As well, when you learn how to garden with our help, you’ll feel confident in your gardening choices. Additionally, our goal is to help you save money by avoiding costly errors. And we want you to have a fantastic garden fast.

Simply put: with our knowledgable, experienced garden coaching guidance you’ll learn to garden successfully.

We offer several programs to help you learn about gardening.

Our gardening services include:

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Premiere Online Gardening Lessons

Our online gardening learning programs teach you all about gardening. And we’ll help you grow a deep understanding of gardening foundations by making the complicated and confusing easy to grasp and put to work fast.

Moreover, you’ll we’ll help you learn effective gardening methods that make gardening fun. Plus, you can learn how to avoid making common and repetitive costly mistakes. That’s because we’ve been teaching struggling gardeners how to overcome all sorts of gardening challenges for decades.

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As well, we strive to help garden coaching clients like you save money, find joy gardening, and cultivate a fabulous garden you adore.

Plus, we’ve crafted our online classes, so you can also study our proven expert lessons in a learn-at-your-own pace way and in supportive group environments.  And, of course, Garden Mentors® is there to support your gardening education all the way!

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Professional Garden Knowledge Expert & Gardening Seminar Presenter

Pioneering garden coach and Garden Mentors founder Robin Haglund is a seasoned international gardening keynote speaker, teacher, writer, and media personality. In fact, she has empowered thousands to learn about gardening. She’s skilled in helping you learn to garden in 1:1 settings and in group settings addressing hundreds of people at top gardening show events.

Robin will be thrilled to help you and your community learn more about gardening from her lifetime of experience gardening in multiple areas across the United States.

As an authoritative expert in horticulture, design and issues related to sustainability, she’s our go-to person for the northwestern United States.
Joe Lamp’l, Executive Producer, Growing a Greener World

Robin Haglund brings a wealth of experience to her popular garden show seminars…She’s the perfect go-to person.
Janet Endsley, Speaker Manager, NW Flower & Garden Festival

Learn more & get in touch to book our great gardening seminars for your garden club, nursery or other event.

1:1 Garden Coaching, Consultation & Design Services

All ages learn about gardening with Garden MentorsGarden Mentors® designs garden learning programs to empower gardeners of all levels to develop an array of valuable gardening skills. In fact, when you work with us 1:1, your garden coach will provide hands-on learning and knowledgeable advice that applies to your specific gardening goals.

Above all we strive to help you learn and solve your gardening challenges before you make expensive gardening flubs in the first place. (And if you’ve already made some errors, we’ll help you grow gardening skills to avoid them in the future.)

This means we can help anyone from the experienced do-it-yourselfer to self-proclaimed black thumbs. In fact, award winning garden professionals seek our help to become better at what they do. Of course, we are skilled at helping struggling novice gardeners learn how to grow into confident green thumbs.

So our customized programs may consist of a single gardening consultation. Or our relationship may evolve into a program of lifelong learning with you. Moreover, each 1:1 gardening program we build is designed to fit the skills, needs, interests, and budgets of each client.  As well, we offer award-winning garden design service packages, customized to fit each client’s needs.

That means there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when you learn to garden with us!

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Too, you will receive a free in-depth gardening questionnaire and planning worksheet when you sign up for your first 1:1 coaching, design or other garden consultation learning program.

The garden is truly embracing me in a special way. Thanks again for your inspiration.
Marie, Kenmore, WA

Retail Plant Sales & Herbal Products

Need plants? We can often source and deliver them to your Western Washington garden. So, reach out to let us know about your garden supply needs. But, please understand, we do not offer a retail shopping location.

Looking for our herbal products & Etsy shop? Currently, we’re taking a break from herbal product sales.

Need to pay your invoice?

For invoices that are not related to online lesson programs, Etsy shop purchases or affiliate stores, we accept Venmo & Paypal:


For Venmo payments, search for @gardenmentors to remit your payment via your app. Or try this direct Venmo link, which works for some clients.

What we don’t do…

Garden Mentors® doesn’t offer garden maintenance services. So that means we aren’t available to mow your lawn. And we don’t pull weeds, spread mulch, or otherwise maintain gardens.

But we will teach you how to do all of these things yourself. And we’ll help you learn how to hire people to help you if you aren’t able or interested in doing everything yourself.

We do not offer a retail sales location.

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