Foraging tool kit supply store

Welcome to our little foraging tool kit supply store. Here we’ve gathered some of our favorite foraging-focused books for wildcrafting inspiration. That’s because there’s nothing like reading and learning about foraging from people who get out in the wild themselves. Or, in some cases you may want to learn from those who forager closer to home.

What about gathering gear for your tool kit?

Yep we’ve curated several essential forager gear items. For instance, you’ll find at least one of our favorite gathering bags that just about every forager we know wants. And, you’ll also be able to select tools for ethically harvesting what you choose to forage.

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Do you know what it means to be an ethical harvester?

If you don’t know what it means to harvest ethically, it’s time to learn! In fact, learning about foraging carefully and thoughtfully should be the first tool you put in your forager tool kit. Plus, it’s very important to be smart about foraging. That means you want to learn to forage from experienced foragers. And, it definitely doesn’t mean going out and eating any wild berry or mushroom you find growing just anywhere.

Do good tools really matter in a forager’s tool kit?

Absolutely! There’s nothing as sad as foraging without tools or with the wrong tools. Gathering in the wild improperly may damage the wild places you leave behind. And, foraging without something to carry what nature gives you may mean pockets full of mush instead of baskets full of wild goodness.

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