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Joyce & Marshall didn’t consider themselves capable gardeners until they worked with Garden Mentors® to create their newly imagined front Ballard garden. Digging in together, we planted a space that provides them a view of bathing birds from their dining room and mixed plantings that inspire them to putter in the garden together.

“We highly recommend Garden Mentors® to anyone considering any degree of improvement to their landscape. We were nervous at first, but Robin’s calm professionalism and easy manner soon put us at ease despite our ignorance of landscaping, plants and technique. Being a bit achy in the joints, we also worried about the amount of our participation in the actual install. Robin was again reassuring; knowing that some sweat equity would give us more ownership and interest in our landscape. Her designs with plants, containers, and stone were superb, working around numerous existing problems; we continue to be more than delighted with our little growing world, where once we had a barren space.” – Joyce & Marshall

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