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Articles on cooking, preparing & preserving food from your home garden.

Easily Preserve Cherry Tomatoes

It’s beyond easy to preserve cherry tomatoes. In fact, when you set out to preserve cherry tomatoes there’s hardly any work involved. So, no excuses for not doing this one! Plan to preserve cherry tomatoes in daily batches. These little bites of summer are often the first tomatoes to begin ripening. And, they may last… Read more »

Easy Soap Recipes with Garden Flowers

Anyone can DIY with these easy soap recipes! Working with caustic lye has never appealed to me, so I set out to develop easy soap recipes that don’t require a respirator, special equipment or very much time. Now that I’ve got it figured out, every month or so, I spend a few minutes in the… Read more »

Preserving the Season

Some years we’re preserving fresh food we didn’t grow. Some years you just can’t rely on your own farm — large or small — to produce foods for preserving. But, you can still gather the season’s best to freeze, can or dry for the long winter ahead. And, one year we found ourselves in that… Read more »